JR D51 Steam Locomotive Standard Type

Kato 1-202
Scale(s): 1:87 Scale, HO Scale
GM Part Number: K1-202
JR D51 Steam Locomotive Standard Type
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1-202 (HO) D51 standard type The D51 was developed as an improved version of the large cargo steam locomotive D50 for main lines in 1936 (1936), and not only for the Kai line (main line) but also for use on the shore line (quasi trunk line). The most advanced technologies of those days were introduced, such as using a lot of welding to reduce the weight of the car body and adopting the first box-shaped ring core (box motor ring) in Japan. In fact, its high performance has been highly valued, and 1115 cars were actually mass-produced and played an active part in all parts of Japan except Shikoku. And both became a steam locomotive representing Japan in both name and reality, and it was widely known by the nickname of Degoichi. Main features ? The model of 86-90 and 101 or later, which is said to be the standard form of D51, is modeled as a prototype. There is a difference in the form of the SL one by one, but in the product, we study the specifications that are the standard form, and consider and model the equipment and details that are optimal for the form of each part of the vehicle body. ? Faithfully reproduce the complex and complex body shape of the D51. (HO) Make full use of the know-how of the details cultivated in C56 to achieve a fine and accurate appearance. ? Powerful and smooth running performance is achieved by adopting a flywheel mounted power unit. ? The dynamic traveling device of the steam locomotive is faithfully reproduced with both appearance and traveling by the frame frame full of three-dimensional feeling, the realistic black finish of the wheel and wheel of black finish, and the fine and robust rods. ? Exterior parts “Snowplow”, “Smoke collection device”, and “Heavy oil tank” that are most suitable for D51 are included as optional parts. ? Express the driver's cab (reproduction of equipment, chairs and interior details), and can be equipped with an engineer doll. ? Express the three-dimensional effect of detail by attaching the steps and handrails. ? The license plate is a separate part (125, 200, 458, 745). ? Equipped with a (HO) KATO knuckle coupler that reproduces the form of a real vehicle coupler and has a coupling function. ? Single item ? Headlights lighting ? Accessories (parts with user) , handrails (handrails), snow plows, open connector levers, brake hoses, steam hoses, smoke collectors, heavy oil tanks, cleansers dosing devices, number plates, etc. Parts installation / jigs etc. Optional option ? HO vehicle case (for 3-car) Part number: 3-301 ? Engineer's Doll part number: 6-511

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