JR EF65 Electric Locomotive

Kato 1-303
Scale(s): 1:87 Scale, HO Scale
GM Part Number: K1-303
JR EF65 Electric Locomotive
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1-303 (HO) EF 65 500 series (express color) The EF65 500 series is a limited express tractor manufactured from 1964, with emphasis on high-speed performance based on the EF60. The 500 series is popular as a flower-shaped machine that pulled a 20 series Blue Train or a 10000 series high-speed freight car, with special equipment such as an electromagnetic brake command device and a paint color called "express color". Main features ? Faithfully reproduces the figure of the EF65 500 series express color, which is the best match for the 20 series and 24 series night sleeper passenger cars. ? Equipped with a PS16 pantograph that is a feature of the EF65 500 series. ? Model the unmounted era of the train radio antenna as a prototype. The train radio antenna can be equipped by selection and small processing to the car body. ? Express the driver's cab (control panel, chair, and interior see-through). ? A powerful and smooth running performance is exhibited by the adoption of a flywheel-mounted power unit. ? Single item ? Small hole box Reproduce the wheel with a ring core. ? We adopt quick head mark which realized putting on and taking off of head mark by magnet. ? Headlights lit ? The number plate can be selected with a lettering sheet. ? The manufacturer's plate, a realistic representation of the vehicle description printed. ? Accessories · Quick head mark (Asakaze, Hayabusa, Fuji, Akatsuki) · Handrail Rooftop equipment (parts with user) · License plate (lettering sheet) · maker's plate ? DCC compatible (for mounting decoder with NMRA 8 pin plug) Optional option ? HO vehicle case (for 3-car) Part number: 3-301 ? Engineer's Doll part number: 6-511

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