Pocket Line Electric Freight Train Pack

Kato 10-504-1
Scale(s): 1:150 Scale, N Scale
GM Part Number: K10-504-1
Pocket Line Electric Freight Train Pack
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10-504-1 Small convex set Freight train in the city of the middle ? Power unit improved product The popular Pocket Line series adopts a new power unit and will reappear. This is a newly developed power unit using a small coreless motor, and the Pocket Line series with significantly improved travel performance, the first being the SL train of the pleasant city of the Chibiloco Set and the freight train of the city of the Chibi Convex Set. We will deliver a small vehicle with a friendly design that you have seen somewhere, such as retro SL trains that you see in sightseeing spots and low-cost freight trains in the countryside, with N gauge. Main features ? Power unit adoption using a small coreless motor. It is possible to run with significantly improved stability. ? Chibiloco Set The image of a chic, retro-like SL train that you can see in the pleasant SL trains and sightseeing spots in the city . · We do not choose place of activity in small layout or unitram tramway. · The car body color is decorated with a red line on a harsh green. · Changed the design of the passenger deck part. Reproduce the realistic car end. ? Chibi convex set Freight train of the city in the middle · Region convex electric locomotive and freight train of freight car which seems to be running somewhere in rural area private iron. · It is the best match for small layout. · The car body color is a red roof and a gray roof with a small convex railway locomotive EB221, and the wagon is black. · The frame and shoes of the pantograph are reproduced in black.

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