JR 24-25 Series Fuji Sleeper Coach Set (7)

Kato 10-855
Scale(s): 1:150 Scale, N Scale
GM Part Number: K10-855
JR 24-25 Series Fuji Sleeper Coach Set (7)
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10-855 24 series 25 form sleeper express "Fuji" 7-car basic set The original train "New Blue Train", which took over the original "Blue Train" 20 series, and brought about the unprecedented "Bultre Boom" in the 1950's, is back. The 24 series 25 carriages with a 2-stage sleeper are newly added to the private sleeping room A orne 25 and put into the bed special express group on the Tokaido main line, and the longest travel distance of Japan at that time (between Tokyo and Nishi-Kagoshima 1574, 2 Km Sleeping special express "Fuji", which took 24 hours to connect), was the target of the yearnings of the boys. KATO runs the Tokaido-Sanyo Main Line from the metropolitan area, and will deliver a 24 series 25-type express limited sleeper passenger car connected with cities in various regions of Kyushu with a complete full renewal at the time of the silver band specifications. Please stay tuned. Main features ? Reproduce the "New Blue Train" of the heyday of JNR with the bright two silver bands (Oshi 24 is the white belt) that shines on the side of the vehicle ? The high level of the KATO Blue Train group, similar to the latest "Hokutosei" deluxe organization Commercialized in specifications ? The basic set of power cars and the additional set of car No. 13 have a lighted taillight. ? The basic set of car No. 6 is equipped with a lighted taillight (with a light off switch) corresponding to the split formation. * The 7/11 car does not support taillights. ? The conversion mark is equipped on crab 24 and Ohanev 25 (cars 6/7/13). "Fuji (letter)" "Fuji (picture)" "Hayabusa (letter)" "Hayabusa (picture)" ? The destination display on the side has already been printed. (Basic set: "Fuji Nishi Kagoshima" Add-on set: "Fuji Oita") ? Head mark for locomotive is included in the basic set (for EF 65 1000) "Fuji" "Hayabusa" ? Detailed reproduction of details such as cooler on the room door and the roof which were in depth ? We reproduce the state of the roof board realistically ? We reproduce under floor equipment such as a cooler, water tank, air tank, piping etc. ? Of crab 24, Ohanef 25 On the locomotive side, an Arnold coupler is standard equipment (includes replacement knuckle coupler). ? At the intermediate connection, a body-mounted close self-contained coupler is attached. Reproduce realistic vehicle spacing

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