American Diesel (EMD 1st Gen w/Turbo) Sound Card

Kato 22-203-1
Scale(s): 1:160 Scale, N Scale
GM Part Number: K22-203-1
American Diesel (EMD 1st Gen w/Turbo) Sound Card
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In-Cab Sound from the comfort of your home! The Kato Sound Box has been developed as a joint effort between engineers at Kato and Soundtraxx to craft a simple, versatile, and powerful sound system for use on non-DCC layouts. Completely self-contained, the Soundbox has a built in speaker and will allow modelers to enjoy an “In-Cab” experience while operating their favorite trains! This Sound card will allow you to enjoy the sounds of early turbo EMD Diesels like the GP35. Prime Mover: EMD 567 Diesel Engine with Turbocharger Three Selectable whistles + horns: Leslie RS3L, Nathan P5 (Early), Nathan M5 Prototypical fan, air compressor, and poppet valve sounds play automatically Designed to work with early turbo EMD diesels Listen to this sound card in action at the Kato USA youtube channel! VIDEO LINK Please note that this Soundcard is not a stand-alone product - it is an add-on for the 22-101-1 Kato Soundbox.

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