American Diesel (EMD 2nd Gen w/Turbo) Sound Card

Kato 22-203-2
Scale(s): 1:160 Scale, N Scale
GM Part Number: K22-203-2
American Diesel (EMD 2nd Gen w/Turbo) Sound Card
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In-Cab Sound from the comfort of your home! The Kato Sound Box has been developed as a joint effort between engineers at Kato and Soundtraxx to craft a simple, versatile, and powerful sound system for use on non-DCC layouts. Completely self-contained, the Soundbox has a built in speaker and will allow modelers to enjoy an “In-Cab” experience while operating their favorite trains! This Sound card will allow you to enjoy the sounds of mid era turbo EMD Diesels like the SD40-2, SDP40F, MP36PH and more! Prime Mover: EMD 645 Diesel Engine with Turbocharger Three Selectable whistles + horns: Nathan K3LA, Nathan K5LA, Nathan P5A (3rd Generation) Prototypical fan, air compressor, and poppet valve sounds play automatically Designed to work with mid-era turbo EMD diesels Listen to this sound card in action at the Kato USA youtube channel! VIDEO LINK Please note that this Soundcard is not a stand-alone product - it is an add-on for the 22-101-1 Kato Soundbox.

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