#D# Vintage Classics WW1 British Infantry (1:76 Scale)

Scale: 1:76 Scale
#D# Vintage Classics WW1 British Infantry (1:76 Scale)
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In response to the German invasion of neutral Belgium in August 1914, Britain declared war on Germany & thousands of young men volunteered for military service. The British Expeditionary Force was formed & sent to France to defend against German invasion.

In 1916, In common with most other armies, the uniforms changed dramatically as the war became more violent & grueling.

This set depicts British infantry on the western front in 1914-1916. Included are signallers, a wiring party and a trench mortar with crew.

Mould Tools made in 1966, pack Illustration by Brian Knight, 1970. Enjoy the nostalgia with Airfix Vintage Classics.


No. of Poses17
Skill Level1
EraWW1 1914-16
Flying Hours1
Age Suitability8+

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