John Deere Baler

Scale: 1:32 Scale
John Deere Baler
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John Deere round baler Article no. 077316 John Deere round baler shines with excellent functionality This 1:32 precision model shows all the qualities of his John Deere prototype! With the round baler 990, WIKING has achieved a model-making coup. For the first time, a round baler in the internationally favored Farmer scale shows the authentic technical details of his role model with impressive functionality. WIKING miniaturizes the innovative release concept of the 4.3-tonne round baler just as if it were a demonstration model. While conventional presses only take 15 seconds to eject the round bale, the WIKING model succeeds in just five seconds. The scale enthusiast immediately recognizes how this efficiency advantage has been achieved by the resourceful designers at John Deere: the new quick-charge system uses a novel "curtain" system, that replaces the conventionally sedate hatchback. In fact, WIKING also uses a flexible "curtain" for 32-times miniaturization, which can be rolled out within seconds in just a few seconds - a convincing mix of materials! Tensioned springs are slumbering under the side coverBut this is just the revolution of the round baler 990 at the 1 : 32 model described. The model-making experts from WIKING, who have been implementing new high-end models for more than five years, are also filigree- ling the new high-performance pick-up, which simulates smooth picking up of the crop and optimum feeding to the pressing process. That the innovative design with all printing comfort - including the obligatory warning labels - is modeled in detail, goes without saying. The next optical pleasure for the precision-seeking scale expert hides under the liftable side wall of the press. There, it becomes apparent why the model with the new baling chamber concept achieves the optimum baling density, which ultimately means fewer bales in pressing, binding and transport during harvesting. On display are two guyed metal springs, which indicate, as in the original, the endless belts of the press are held evenly under tension. In addition, there is a look at the engraving animated mechanics of the round baler 990. No question, this precision miniature in 1:32 scale simulates a lot of agricultural expertise with model-specific WIKING detail philosophy - this is more optical impulse power than ever before. product details WIKING presents the machine collector with the John Deere round baler 990, a model whose model was first presented at the SIMA in Paris in 2011 and celebrates its series premiere this year. It is the first press to boast another top model in the popular filigree quality. For the past five years, WIKING has been able to gain new friends in the agricultural sector with the models in the 32-fold miniaturization, because the precision in component design and printing comfort ranks at the top level. Especially the technology-focussed agricultural machine friends appreciate the additional optical WIKING model quality even in the 1:32 scale. The round baler 990 presents itself from its detailed side - Diecast quality par excellence. WIKING presents a miniature of unique quality and authenticity using prototypical zinc diecasting elements and plastic accessories assembled by hand and equipped with prototypical printing comfort. Here perfect model construction is shown.

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