Unitrack Power Feed with Joiners 90cm

Scale(s): 1:150 Scale, N Scale
Unitrack Power Feed with Joiners 90cm
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24-818 Terminal Uni-Joyner ? Enjoy the modern platform with lighting. The all-new suburban home DX comes up. ? Enjoy the night view of the station home easily with the Home DX lighting kit. ? Easy to install, enjoy floor layout. The door looks good in the home of the city. It is a product where you can enjoy a home that you can see in urban areas and relatively new stations with N gauge. As it is a finished product, you can easily enjoy the realistic station. You can enjoy with Shinkansen, various vehicles regardless of the conventional line. 23-163 Home door If combined with 4 doors (6 cars x 2 sets), it is also possible to reproduce the home door seen on conventional line stations with a lot of getting on and off. You can also use the 23-000 Home DX Lighting Kit to light the lights inside your home. Main features ? A prototype is a form that is widely used at Shinkansen stations, where the high ceiling similar to that of the existing suburban home is an appearance feature, and the structure of the ceiling doubles as a beam for overhead wire suspension. ? By combining with new option products scheduled to be released simultaneously, it is possible to reproduce the home door installed in the home and to light up the interior of the home. Ideal for reproducing modern urban station homes. ? Equipped with a conductive rail for home lighting inside so that it can not be seen from the exterior. By connecting homes with a Uni Joiner, you can incorporate and turn on lights even when multiple products are connected. The connection of the home end is S joiner specification, convert to a home product Joiner is attached ? A modern home is realistically reproduced by the evacuation space under the home, Braille block and various accessories. ? The total length of the home part of each product is 248 mm, and the home end is 200 mm. ? 23-160 / 161 Suburbs-type Home DX The island-type / opposite-set sets all adopt a home-end with a long overall length. The total length of one set of homes is 896 mm (200 mm + 248 mm + 248 mm + 200 mm), which allows vehicles of six cars to stop. ? A sticker containing information on the home and the station nameplate is included. ? Feeders can be installed in the Uni-Joiner section where power can not be supplied to the Terminal Uni-Joiner or Suburban Home DX or where feeder lines can not enter, such as in the middle of a curved section. -Unify with the Uni-Joyner. · Total length 90 cm

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