Brickpunk Shockwave Attack Glider

Brickpunk Shockwave Attack Glider
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From SteamPunk to BRICKPUNK! BrickPunk is a new range of SteamPunk themed construction brick models, including horses, a tractor, steam walker, tank, glider and steam plane! Following on from the 2020 SteamPunk range, BrickPunk offers an extensive range of colour and character variation in each design at an unbeatable starting price! With so much to offer, it’s no wonder model makers of all ages are keen to get their hands on the new BrickPunk range and take their construction to new heights - the SteamPunk way!

Stringfellow and Co is the leading company producing steam planes and the Shockwave Attack Glider is the latest to go into production. This Glider is extremely fast and manoeuvrable but can only stay in the air for sixty minutes due to the limited amount of fuel that it can carry.

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