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Discover the Gaugemaster Tools range, for all your model railway tool kit essentials. With so many modellers working at Gaugemaster, we know exactly which modelling tools our customers need - and more importantly, which they’ll actually use. If any of the model railway tools we try out aren’t given the all-important thumbs up by at least three of our colleagues, it simply doesn’t make the cut in the Gaugemaster Tools collection.

You can browse the whole range of Gaugemaster modelling tools at your leisure, but it would be remiss of us not to point out our best-selling items, which have sold in their tens of thousands over the years. If you’re looking for high-quality tools for your models, track, and accessories, you’re in the right place.

Keep your locomotives moving with our Precision Lubricator with Needle Applicator, which will help to keep your model engines oiled. In addition, you can keep wheels clean (and improve conductivity for more accurate slow speed running) with a GM633 Glass Fibre Pencil. And if you need to get ‘under the bonnet’ then our GM695 Model Railway Screwdriver Set allows you to do exactly that - it’s the ultimate model railway tool kit.

If you’re looking for an ideal gift for the modeller in your life, our A3 Sized Modelling Workstation is a must-have - it’ll give them somewhere to keep all of their modelling tools and other model railway supplies in one handy portable, self-contained unit.

Check out our recommendations for the ultimate must-have modelling tools you need to have to hand in our tools of the trade guide.

Explore the full collection of Gaugemaster model railway supplies, and start building your essential model railway toolkit today.

Explore the Gaugemaster Tools range to discover the essentials you need in your model railway tool kit. Discover high-quality modelling tools today.

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  1. Spare Bottles for use with Starter Airbrush

    Gaugemaster GM571

    Spare Bottles for use with Starter Airbrush

    • GM Part Number: GM571
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  2. Ball Bearings for use with Paints

    Gaugemaster GM572

    Ball Bearings for use with Paints

    • GM Part Number: GM572
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  3. Spray Can Trigger Grip

    Gaugemaster GM573

    Spray Can Trigger Grip

    • GM Part Number: GM573
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  4. Micro Mouldline Remover

    Gaugemaster GM574

    Micro Mouldline Remover

    • GM Part Number: GM574
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  5. Gaugemaster A3 Modelling Workstation

    Gaugemaster GM575

    Gaugemaster A3 Modelling Workstation

    • GM Part Number: GM575
    Out of stock but currently on order with supplier
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  6. Finger Craft Knife with 2 Spare No.11 Blades

    Gaugemaster GM576

    Finger Craft Knife with 2 Spare No.11 Blades

    • GM Part Number: GM576
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  7. Pro Archimedean Drill Set

    Gaugemaster GM577

    Pro Archimedean Drill Set

    • GM Part Number: GM577
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  8. Retractable Hobby Knife

    Gaugemaster GM578

    Retractable Hobby Knife

    • GM Part Number: GM578
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  9. Green Stuff Modelling Putty

    Gaugemaster GM579

    Green Stuff Modelling Putty

    • GM Part Number: GM579
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  10. Cordless Soldering Iron Set

    Gaugemaster GM580

    Cordless Soldering Iron Set

    • Scale: Multi Scale
    • GM Part Number: GM580
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