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Point Motor Wiring Made Easy

Image of STUART JORDAN.STUART JORDAN looks at new items in the Gaugemaster range which will assist with point motor wiring.


We here at Gaugemaster are always striving to make your modelling easier. To some, wiring point motors can be an arduous task, but we have just released a selection of products which can help out immensely. These items have been specifically designed to complement our GMC-PM10 Classic Point Motors, but can be used with any brand of solenoid motor.

GMC-PM51 Point Motor Wire

GMC-PM51 Image.

The GMC-PM51 Point Motor Wire is a useful 10m reel of tripled wire; with red, green, and black wires together. Not only will this make wiring points to switches easier but it will also keep the wiring tidy under the baseboard! It will be much easier to find a fault without spaghetti wiring all over the place.

Wiring Image 01.

Just screw the wire into the terminal block on the Point Motor and run it to the switch.

GMC-PM50 Connection Boxes (3)

GMC-PM50 Image.

Ever find you've cut your run of wire too short or run out before you get to the switch? Just screw the wire into one end of the connection box, and then continue from the other end. They come as a pack of three, so you just snap them off as you need them. They even come with screws to fix them on, and also a foam backing for safe operation.

Wiring Image 02.

Snap off the connection boxes as you need them.

GMC-PM52 Point Motor Accessory Pack

GMC-PM52 Image.

The GMC-PM52 is a Point Motor Accessory Pack for anyone using our GMC-PM10 Classic Point Motors, but it contains lots of other useful bits as well. It contains extra extension pins and collars, screws, and a screwdriver which fits the terminal block on the GMC-PM10.

The Accessory Pack also contains five ballast stickers, which can be used to cover the hole cut in the baseboard when mounting the point motor directly to the point. We've even brought out a GM612 45mm Hole Saw for you to drill the hole with!

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GM09RB Red/Black Twinned Wire 10m

GM09RB Image.

Here we have a another useful product, a GM09RB 10m reel of Red/Black Twinned Wire for keeping the underside of your baseboard tidy, which can be used for DC powered point motors like DCC Concepts Cobalt Slow Action Point Motors. It can of course also be used for any other accessories on your layout that require two wires.

GM612 45mm Hole Saw & Arbor for Point Motor Fitting

GM612 Image.

The GM612 45mm Hole Saw is great for drilling holes in your baseboard if you are fitting your motors directly to the track.

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