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Scalextric 2022 Announcements

Image of JAMES HICKAMNJAMES HICKMAN looks through the 2022 range from Scalextric.

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January 2022 brings us the excitement of the Scalextric announcements. With a host of new models and items being announced, we are sure there is something that will pique your interest.

Starter Sets

When starting their journey into the world of slot car racing, most people start with a set; so we are going to do the same here. This year sees the introduction of five new sets. The first one that caught my eye was the themed C1431M Back to the Future vs Knight Rider set. This is a brilliant set for fans of either franchise, and comes with a flat figure of eight to help you reach that all-important 88mph. Both of the cars in the set come with working lights.

Also prominent in the range is a 1980s-themed C1432M F1 Grand Prix set. This set features a Lotus 98T and a Lotus 99T. The set comes with crash barriers and lap counter, as well as a bridge section to enable you to relive the glory days of 1980s F1. As a nice touch, the set is supplied in packaging reminiscent of the era, and features the Scalextric logo as it was seen then.

Police cars have always been a popular part of the Scalextric range, and they now feature in the C1433M Police Chase Set. Also included is a Chevrolet Corvette C8R to make your get-away in. The set forms part of their standard range, and includes a jump, crossover, and a sideswipe section for taking out your opponent.

For fans of GT racing, the next set is for you. The new ARC Air set, C1434M, features wireless controllers and pits Porsche vs Aston Martin. The set also comes with the ARC powerbase to allow you to monitor race times, laps and more. The track in the set allows you to create twelve unique layouts and can be expanded in the same way as all the sets with either pieces of track or extension packs.

The jewel in the crown of this year's set offerings is the ARC Pro Digital set. Like any digital setup, the ARC Pro Digital system allows multiple cars to be run on the same track. This brings more cars, more excitement, and more fun to any race. Included in C1436M ARC Pro Platinum GT are four modern GT cars as well as nine meters of track including pit lane and crossover. The set is supplied with the ARC Pro powerbase which allows you to race up to six cars with the addition of more handsets and, once combined with the App, many features can be simulated including tyre wear, fuel consumption, KERS, plus much more, while recording race times as well.

Cars and Car Sets

In total, thirtys-six vehicles have been announced, and some are very interesting indeed. We won’t cover them all here, but instead highlight some favourites starting with the classic C4322 Blues Brothers ‘Bluesmobile’ Dodge Monaco. This vehicle is prevalent in the film and features all the features you would expect. Interior detailing is fitted including representations of Joliet and Elwood, and the vehicle even comes with the iconic loudspeaker, which was originally modelled on a Cold War air raid siren.

The Shelby Cobra is a vehicle that is well known in the UK racing scene, featuring in many ‘Historic Races’. The 2022 announcements bring three versions of this car to market. Firstly, we see it produced as C4338 COB 289 and is seen here being driven by Romain Dumas on the Goodwood circuit. The second release for this vehicle is a dual pack featuring two of the vehicles as they were during the 48th Targa Florio race in 1964. C4305A brings us Number 148 who retired after an accident, and 146 who took 8th place. Although not high-ranking cars at this race, the pair look lovely sat together, and would make a brilliant set to race.

Single-seater cars are also covered this year with the addition of C4315 Formular E Avalanche Andretti and C4318 Williams F11. Both these vehicles will be awesome additions for those who favour the single-seater cars, and those that just like to race. The Andretti is produced here in a striking red and black livery, and the F11 is adorned with the 1986 British Grand Prix livery, with Nigel Mansell in the driving seat.

The final pairing that really caught my eye is the two new Gulf vehicles: the first being C4325 Mini Cooper S and the other being C4316 Aston Martin. The Mini Cooper was raced by Italian F1 Driver Gabriele Taquini and is very eye-catching in this livery. The Aston Martin is something a little different as it is not only modelled covered in its race finish dirt, but the prototype, which won the 2007 Le Mans race, is still covered in the same finish too.

There are many more cars in the release schedule for this year including some based around the famous Mr Bean television series. Check the all out here.


2022 sees the release of more buildings to accompany your set. The range now includes C8189 Classic Control Tower, and C8190 Classic Grandstand. These buildings are designed to represent those found alongside tracks of yesteryear and even come adorned with period advertisements.

Micro Scalextric

Micro Scalextric is not to be missed this year either with three sets entering the listing, and two additional cars. The first set listed is G1178M Super Speed Race set containing a Lamborghini and a Porsche. This set also contains a raised section, a booby trap lap counter and a battery powered power base. The second set is G1179M Formula E set. The artwork and contents are yet to be confirmed, but from the description alone, this could make for an interesting set. The final announcement is G1177M which is a larger version of the G1155M set already available. This new set contain not one but two loops, as well as banked track and extra track too.

Two new cars also join the range, G2214 Porsche 911 Turbo in white and G2213Lamborghini Huracan Evo in Orange. Both cars are very nice versions of their prototype counterparts, and both would make perfect additions to any sports car race.

That brings us to the end of the 2022 announcements, now all that is left is to wait for them to arrive!

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