Spare Lighting Kit Connectors For O2 Chips (3)

Slot It SP34
Scale(s): 1:32 Scale, Slot Cars
GM Part Number: SISP34
Spare Lighting Kit Connectors For O2 Chips (3)
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Slot racing digital system - Compatible with existing analogue tracks, SSD and Carrera digital * - 2.4GHz Wireless, 20 cars per track, up to 2 tracks ** - Open PC interface * please read the oXigen user manual for further information on compatibility ** software for two tracks is not yet available oXigen (“oxygen” in Catalan language) is the system for digital slot racing, supporting up to 20 cars on an unlimited number of lanes, with unmatched features, range, and reliability reflecting many years of development and refinement. It is being used by hundreds of enthusiast racers worldwide, for small home circuits and international 24 hour races as well. oXigen cars can also race on analogue traditional tracks, as well as on Scalextric Sport Digital and Carrera Digital 132 systems, as long as they are driven by an oXigen controller[*]. oXigen chipped cars can also be used as ‘autonomous self-driving cars’ on tracks of all types and makes. Rather than relying on control signals and power coming from the track, oXigen cars receive their control instructions through a high power, frequency hopping 2.4GHz link. The track remains compatible with analogue racing, rails being only used to power the cars and not to transmit control instructions. Lane changing is based on the robust and well tested SSD LED protocol developed by Hornby (used under license), enhanced to include the oXigen specific ‘selective lane change’ feature. oXigen lane change modules can also work very well with cars chipped with SSD chips. oXigen modules can convert Ninco and Carrera lane changers into oXigen and SSD lane changers, at small cost. The open PC-dongle protocol for third party software is supported by PCLapCounter and RCS64. Designed, developed, supported by, the go-to company for slot car racing.

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