US Navy Battleship BB-62 New Jersey (1:350 Scale)

Tamiya 78028
Scale: 1:350 Scale
GM Part Number: TMY78028
US Navy Battleship BB-62 New Jersey (1:350 Scale)
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1:350 Scale model of a US Navy Battleship BB-62 "New Jersey".

The USS New Jersey (BB-62) was the second ship of the Iowa-class and was completed in 1943. She participated in a long list of actions from WWII until the end of her illustrious career in 1991. This 1/350 scale plastic assembly model kit of the U.S. battleship New Jersey was originally released in 1984 (Item 78005) and is now available with a set of detail parts to enable the creation of an even more realistic model of this famous battleship.

This set is produced in pre-coloured plastic so additional painting will be required. We recommend the use of Tamiya Glue to construct this kit.

An ideal addition to other 1:350 Scale Kits.


  • Unpainted
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Decals Included
  • Model depicts the New Jersey as a missile-carrying battleship in 1982.
  • AA radar, surface search radar, and Link 11 antenna are reproduced with both plastic and photo-etched parts.
  • Screw shafts are depicted with metal parts.
  • Parts for SH-60B helicopters included.
  • Display stand included.
  • Reference booklet, which explains the historical back ground of the ship, and painting guide included.

New Plastic Parts

  • 12.7cm DP Guns, Mk.37 Gun Directors
  • Mk.38 Direction Finder
  • Mk.48 Rangefinder
  • Mk.13 Radar
  • Mk.25 Radar

New Photo Etched Parts

  • SPS67 Radar
  • SPS49 Radar
  • SRA57 Antenna
  • SRA58 Antenna


Item Number78028
ModelUS Navy Battleship BB-62 "New Jersey"



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