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The BR95 Steam Locomotive
The "Mountain Queen"

A look at this inter-war DRG Locomotive, which is available from Piko.


Between 1923 and 1924, forty-five of the BR95 Locomotives were built between 1923 and 1924. The class was originally built by Borsig under the Prussian generic name T20 in 1922.

BR95 Locomotive image 01.

The German Reichsbahn needed the heavy machines as stabling and banking locomotives on steep tracks in the German central highlands, and as replacements for their old rack railways. With an adhesive weight of 95.3 tonnes, the unusually large locomotives, and were considered the highlight of Prussian locomotive building - They topped even the famous mammoth class of the Halberstadt-Blankenburg railways by more than 20 tonnes.

BR95 Locomotive image 02.

The locomotives, which at first were intended to be labelled as DRG BR77 due to their planned use for banking express trains on mountain tracks, proved themselves on the steep tracks of the railway lines between Arnstadt and Suhl, Probstzella and Rothenkirchen, near Neuenmarkt-Wirsberg, and on the route between Tharandt and Klingenberg-Colmitz.

BR95 Locomotive image 03.

After 1945, fourteen locomotives were delivered to the DB, who mainly used them as banking engines in the Spessart mountains near Aschaffenburg. The DR used the remaining thirty-one locomotives for heavy duties on the R├╝belandbahn in the Harz mountains as well as in Probstzella and Sonneberg. After the electrification of the Harzbahn, the locomotives were brought to the Thuringian Forest, where they were used for the entire passenger and freight train service and even for some express trains.

BR95 Locomotive image 04.

Twenty-four locomotives were upgraded with oil firing in 1966 to increase the longevity of the locomotives and to reduce the amount of physical work for the stokers. With the changes in the timetables in 1980/81, the era of the huge mountain machines came to an end. The museum locomotives 95 009 and 95 027 (which is still operational) remind us of those times.

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Piko's Model of the BR95 Locomotive

BR95 Locomotive image pikoGscale.

BR95 Locomotive image 05.

Today, the tank locomotive of the series 95 with the wheel arrangement 1-E-1 is still one of the most popular steam locomotives, thanks to its bulky design - and draws large crowds on museum runs in Germany, including the area around Sonneberg (where Piko is based).

BR95 Locomotive image 07.

Close up details, including Driver's cab with engineer, stainless steel wheels, and individually mounted handles and rails

The new development of this Piko G Scale locomotive model creates a worthy monument to this important German class. The PIKO model of the BR 95 shows the finest paint and print features. It excites with a prototypical, but yet finely detailed appearance and versatile use. The model also impresses with its robustness, precisely manufactured wheels, and a very reliable power pick-up.

BR95 Locomotive image 06.

The PIKO model comes with directional lighting and is prepared for the uncomplicated installation of a pulsed smoke generators, cab lighting, a digital decoder and sound from a large speaker. It is due for release in the second quarter of 2018.

BR95 Locomotive image PK37230.

PIKO DR BR95 Steam Locomotive IV

This model features:

  • Directional lighting
  • Stainless steel wheels
  • Completely new construction
  • Realistically bulky appearance
  • Powerful motor with high traction
  • Authentic print and paint features
  • Spring-mounted sliding pickup shoes
  • Individually mounted handles and rails
  • Factory-fitted with running gear lights and steam function

Coaches suitable for the BR95 Locomotive:

  • PIKO PK37650 DR 2nd Class Coach IV
  • PIKO PK37651 DR 2nd Class Baggage Coach IV
  • PIKO PK37652 DR MITROPA Dining Coach IV

Accessories for the BR95 Locomotive and the Coaches

  • PIKO PK36137 Interior light for 2nd Class Coach
  • PIKO PK36138 Interior light for Baggage Coach
  • PIKO PK36165 Metal Wheelset (2)
  • PIKO PK36228 Sound Module & Loudspeaker for BR95 Locomotive

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