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TGK2 Diesel Locomotive Shunter
The legendary "Kaluga"

We take a look at this Russian Diesel shunter that was used extensively behind the Iron Curtain and beyond.


At the beginning of the 1960s, the Kaluga Machine Factory in Russia developed a stronger version of the shunting locomotive TGK, the two-axle diesel locomotive TGK2, which had hydraulic power transmission.

TGK2 Shunter image 01.

The robust engines, with a maximum speed of 60kph, have been (and are still) intended for use on tracks of industrial companies and as shunting locomotives on railway stations. More than 9,000 individual locomotives were manufactured in various series and versions between1960 and 2008.

The TGK2 was produced both as domestic version (TGK2-M), and as a version for export (TGK2-E). 184 locomotives thereof were supplied to the former GDR to industrial companies and other vehicles to Czechoslovakia and Poland.

TGK2 Shunter image 02.

Today, a whole range of the locomotives are still being used in the area covered by the former USSR including Russia, Belorussia, and Latvia, and partly still in Germany on some works railways. Several vehicles are preserved in museums in Germany, which includes the above-shown locomotive No. 2, whose last place of operation was the VEB Elektrokeramische Werke in Sonneberg. This locomotive is now displayed at the locomotive station in Sonneberg, the town in which Piko is based.

TGK2 Shunter image 08.

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Piko’s Model of the TKG2 Diesel Shunter

Regarding all details, the new Piko model of the TGK2 Locomotive no. 2, VEB Elektro Keramische Werke Sonneberg, yellow-orange version (with operating status from 1981) corresponds exactly to the prototype.

TGK2 Shunter image 03.

The small locomotive is characterised by excellent slow-running characteristics in the shunting area. Because of this it can be used on siding tracks of industrial companies. The detailed and robust model has - thanks to the zinc die-cast frame – sufficient pull for model trains with a realistic length as well as a buffer for silky-soft shunting movements without unwanted power failures.

TGK2 Shunter image PK52740.

Piko PK52740 Expert - TGK2 Diesel Locomotive IV

The model features unobstructed driver’s cab view, driver’s cab lighting, separately applied detached door handle bars and handles and a digitally switchable white/red light variation depending on the direction of travel. The AC model is factory-equipped with an appropriate PluX22 decoder suitable for mfx. Brake hoses for retrofitting are enclosed.

Other versions of the PIKO TGK2 Diesel Locomotives are also available in a variety of different scales.

TGK2 Shunter image PK52744.

Piko PK52744 Expert – RZD TGK2-M Diesel Locomotive IV

This version is in the livery of the RZD Russian Railways.

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