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Building Fordhampton Teignmouth Signal Box.

Image of MARTIN LOVELL.MARTIN LOVELL builds the Fordhampton Teignmouth Signal Box.


A recent release in the Gaugemaster Structures Range is Teignmouth Signal Box. This kit complements the upcoming Teignmouth Station kit.

This kit represents a delightful, medium sized, signal box which will look great on any layout. It is based on a real-life box at Teignmouth in Devon and is a recent new release in the Gaugemaster Structures range.

To begin, I proceeded to pre-paint the window and door parts. This makes life easier, as it saves you from having to paint the windows with the glazing in place once the kit is assembled. Although these kits are pre-coloured and painting is not required, the kit can be enhanced by these suble changes in colour.

The usual methods of modelling kits is used, starting by carefully removing the components from the sprue with a knife or Sprue Cutter. Next trim off the flash (excess plastic from the molding process), of which there isn’t much on this kit, with your knife; or sand it back using a Sanding Stick. You can then proceed with dry runs to make sure the parts fit accurately together before glueing them in place. For this kit we reccomend Faller Super Expert Glue.

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The photos above show the kit in various stages of construction, following the instructions step-by-step. You may notice that in the third image I have added a floor made from a thin sheet of plastikard, not included in the kit, as it an interior will be added. Again, this is not included.

At the point of writing is intended to add a Ratio Signal Box Interior kit at the next stage. Keep an eye out on future issues of Right Lines to see how this is done. Once this has been installed, the kit will be given a final weathering, and will be ready to place on the layout.

We have recently added a large number of items into the Gaugemaster Structures range, check them the range here, and as always; Happy modelling.