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Gaugemaster DCC DC Adaptor Plate / Decoder Tester

Image of CRAIG WEATHERLEY. CRAIG WEATHERLEY gives a guide to this often overlooked product in the Gaugemaster Digital range.


Have you ever fitted a decoder to a locomotive, only to find something not quite right? Well we have got a product which does just that: DCC71 Prodigy DC Adaptor Plate / Decoder Tester.


This unit has been around for a while, but perhaps has not received the attention this useful tool deserves. not only can it test decoders, it can also be used as a running tool for locomotives without decoders fitted, and can be used to make changes to the decoder before you fit it. This unit is an economical way to test decoders to give you piece of mind before you spend time fitting them! The unit is used in conjunction with the Gaugemaster Prodigy DCC System.

How to use

Insert the DCC71 plug into the matching socket at the rear of the Prodigy base unit. Insert the decoder that you wish to test into the NEM socket on the unit (see image below). Once the decoder is plugged in to the tester your DCC controller can now be used to perform all kinds of changes to the decoder. The small switch on the unit can be moved left to right for switching the decoder from main track to programming track.

DCC71 01.

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The main track setting can be used to power the lights on an analogue locomotive and test directional lighting.

If desired your layout can be connected and an analogue locomotive run via the DC motor output from the decoder. You can replicate the effects of digital running, having the same effects such as acceleration and deceleration differences and voltage settings but on analogue running. Using this unit you can run in a new locomotive and test the decoder without even dismantling or rewiring any of the components.

The unit is protected by a circuit breaker placed in-line with the units output, and is designed to offer some protection against overloads and also the rating of certain decoders.

In conclusion this is a very versatile product which would be useful for any Prodigy user.

Click here to view the product instruction sheet.

Craig is a member of our Sales Team here and he has a brilliant grasp of Model Railway electronics!

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