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Fly Car Model New Items 2021

Image of Terry SmithTERRY SMITH reports on what is due from Fly this year, as they celebrate turning 25.

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It's hard to take in that 2021 is this Madrid-based company's quarter century. I remember seeing their fabulous models for the first time in a hobby shop window, and thought they were high end diecast models and not slot cars. I, like thousands of other slot enthusiasts, was hooked and started down the road of Fly collecting.

Due with us soon are the ex-Falcon Slot based Porsche 924 Turbos.

To celebrate this achievement, Fly are to release a range of ten special 25th Anniversary models, covering many of their most important releases over the years. This aside, what else can we expect from them for 2021? Well, there are plenty of great re-liveries including another two F1 Heskeths; complete with another different version of the car driven by James Hunt. While not totally new, Fly have obtained the mould for the Porsche 924 Turbo first released by Falcon Slot and the first 3 versions are due soon. There are also some special editions which will appeal to collectors, such as the twin Team Set 20 featuring two Marlboro BMW M1s from Kyalami in 1979 and a Steve McQueen Le Mans Movie car. The latter comes with a super detailed figurine of McQueen’s character Michael Delaney, giving his two-fingered salute as he did at the end of the movie.

Also with us soon will be FLYA2033, James Hunt's Hesketh from the 1974 US GP.

The 25th Anniversary Collection contains some very interesting models.

Sure to be a favourite with collectors will be this Gulf Porsche with McQueen figurine (FLYE2031).

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So, what about totally new models I hear you ask? Well, the Ford Transit Trophy Van is well under way and we have a couple of renderings to show you. We have a feeling here that Ford’s best selling light commercial will be very popular with collectors and racers too, looking for something a little different to race.

Due this year – The Ford Transit Trophy, these raced for real in Europe in 2012!

Initial renderings of the Transit. We just know this is going to be popular.

I have assurance that their next F1 car will be the McLaren M26, which while not as successful as the previous M23 still won races with James Hunt at the wheel. This car has never been released as a slot car before. Expect at least one more new mould for 2021 which we believe will be the Datsun 240Z - which was both a successful rally and race car. So, a lot to look forward to for this year and then on to the next twenty-five years!

Hopefully due this year the McLaren M26 F1. Did you know it also raced with Lowenbrau sponsorship?

Also expect at least one new hard top car this year, we are betting it will be the Datsun 240Z.

Keep an eye on RACING LINES for more information about these exciting releases as we get it!

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