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Train-Tech Layout Link

Image of Craig WeatherleyCRAIG WEATHERLEY looks at what the Train-Tech layout link is and what it can do.


We believe that model railway technology should be made easier for the user just starting into the hobby or experimenting with different things and for the seasoned modeller alike. Our sensor signal range has proved its worth out in the big wide world with how easy it is to install on any layout, and this has been expanded upon with Layout Link.

The Train-Tech Layout Link is special 'One Wire’ technology. This one wire links multiple components, whether they be Signals, Level Crossing Barrier Lights, or Relays, together to allow them to talk to and command eachother.

connecting between signals is easy with Layout Link, one wire between each.

So what does this mean?

The Sensor Signal packs come fitted with Layout Link Technology.

Well this means that you can now control so much of your layout automatically, just from the passing of a train, the throw of a switch or the changing of a point. Once one item is activated this can then in turn activate another and so on.

What can it do?

Well, when combined with a TTRL1 Relay module, there is nothing you can't switch on or off from the passing of a train over a TTST10 Sensor or Sensor Signal. Simply connect up the relay and sensor, then with a single wire, link the two, and you have control. Once set up you could have your train passing the sensor and activating any number of things through your relay, from working level corssing gates, lights, sound modules, the sky's the limit.

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The above shows just some of the ways you can connect components with Layout Link.

You can also connect the Layout Link between a sensor signal or a sensor to automatically trigger the TTLC range of level crossing barriers. This can also be connected in the same way to activate a range of functions on the TTSD Smart Screens.

There are many other products which also use the layout link directly including some of the signal controllers, mimic switches, and of course the signals too.

As long as your sensors or sensor signals are powered seperatley, the Layout Link will work happily on Analogue Layouts as well as DCC. Just remember that if you are running on OO Scale DCC tracks, then some components can just plug into the track too.

Keep an eye out for the following symbol on future releases compatible with Layout Link.

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