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Rh1041 Electric Locomotive

A look at this post-war Austrian Locomotive, which is available from Piko.


After World War 2 the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) were in need of new electric locomotives to replace older steam locomotives. Amongst others this lead to the development of the new Rh 1041 locomotive. The Rh1041 could reach a top speed of 90kph (56mph) - although it was only licensed for 80kph.

Rh1041 Locomotive image 02.

The locomotive weighed eighty-three tons and was equipped with the Bo'Bo' wheel arrangement. Between 1951 and 1953 twenty-five of these locomotives were stationed in Attnang-Puchheim, Selzthal and Bischofshofen.

Rh1041 Locomotive image map.

The main tasks of the 15.32m (50') long electric locomotive were regional and freight traffic. In the locomotive‚Äôs last operational years it was also used for shunting service. The machines with their electrical components from AEG, BBC, ELIN and SSW were known for their reliability. By the end of 2003 all vehicles of the Rh1041 series were taken out of service due to modernisation measures by the ÖBB. Some of the locomotives can be exhibited in museums, including the model 1041.15, which was almost fully converted back into its original state.

Rh1041 Locomotive image 01.

Rh1041 Locomotive image 08.

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The Rh1041 Electric Locomotive in Miniature

This locomotive is currently represented in HO Scale by Piko.

Rh1041 Locomotive image PK51882.

Piko Expert - OBB Rh1041 Electric Locomotive IV (DCC-Sound)

Locomotive 1041 007-4 Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB). Version in blood orange with modernised doors and new front windows, operating status from 1988. The model has a high quality die cast frame, a strong 5-pole motor with two oscillating weights, two traction tires, a smartly assembled circuit board with PluX22 interface and bright LED lights with digitally switchable rear lights. On top of that the model has many individually mounted parts like freestanding handles, wind deflectors next to the doors, front sockets, an illuminated driver's cabin, a realistic main switch, modern and realistic lighting, detailed and sharply engraved bogies as well as pinned on speedometer cables, sandboxes and snow-plows. The model can be optionally equipped with sound. Optional brake hoses for cabinet display are included. A DCC Sound version is also available in the same livery. Locomotive and railroad sounds such as engine and running sounds, horns, brake squeal, station announcements, switching operations, and rear lights can be separately activated.

Rh1041 Locomotive image PK51884.

Piko Expert - OBB Rh1041 Electric Locomotive III

This locomotive is in ÖBB green livery and represents an era III locomotive. The model includes all the details and features of the original with the appropriate constructional changes. Some of the model's highlights are its exceptional running characteristics, the illuminated driver's cabin and engine room as well as individually mounted and delicate handles, realistic lighting and detailed and sharply engraved bogies. The model can be optionally equipped with sound.

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