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Scalextric Slot Car Racing

Scalextric is the classic slot car racing brand, providing thrills for all the family. The origins of Scalextric can be traced all the way back to 1952; since its launch, the brand has been a mainstay of the toy trade, with Scalextric cars and track among the most requested Christmas presents by the young (and young at heart) for decades.

The best way to start building your Scalextric set-up is with one of the fantastic value Scalextric Starter Sets. There’s something for all ages and areas of interest, including the Batman vs Joker Race Scalextric Set for fans of the DC Universe, or a Back to the Future vs Knight Rider Scalextric Set for children of the 1980s.

Once you’ve started to build your Scalextric set, you can expand your circuit easily by adding to your Scalextric track. Check out the Track Extension Pack or simply buy extra straights or curves to create your ideal race track.

We also stock an extensive collection of Scalextric cars, including classic models, as well as iconic vehicles from the world of TV and film, from the Batman Car to the Reliant Regal Van from Only Fools and Horses. Browse our full range of Scalextric slot cars and start racing your dream vehicle.

What is Scalextric Digital?

You’ll also find Scalextric Digital products in our collection, allowing you to race more than one car on the same section of track. This is possible thanks to each car being fitted with a digital decoder, so Scalextric cars can overtake each other on special overtaking sections. Bear in mind that you cannot mix and match different manufacturer’s digital systems or switch between standard and digital systems.

Whether you’re looking for Scalextric sets for beginners, lengths of Scalextric track, Scalextric slot cars, accessories, or spare parts, you’ll find it at Gaugemaster. Explore the full range today.

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