Oxigen Chip In-Car Controller

Slot It O201C1
Scale(s): 1:32 Scale, Slot Cars
GM Part Number: SIO201C1
Oxigen Chip In-Car Controller
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It's a truly universal unit, being natively compatible with oXigen, Scalextric SSD, and Carrera digital. 'Compatible' means that the chip performs like any SSD or Carrera 132 original system once the proper software is loaded. In other words, when appropriately programmed, you can use this chip on either Scalextric SSD, or Carrera D132, as if it was a 'standard' device for the said system. As far as we can tell, the only missing thing is Ghost car in Carrera systems.

Scalextric and Carrera made two incompatible choices when they started developing their systems: they both send command data on rails, but while Scalextric SSD runs on AC power, Carrera uses DC. oXigen is different as it communicates via 2.4 GHz radio. It runs with both AC and DC, but DC is advisable.

Type C1 can either be run in DC mode for oXigen or Carrera systems, or AC mode for Scalextric SSD. Switching between the two is done by changing a small screw's position on the PCB: no soldering is required

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