Wintrack 13.0 3D Full Version (German Language)

Viessmann 1006
GM Part Number: VN1006
Wintrack 13.0 3D Full Version (German Language)
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Using WINTRACK on your computer, you can plan your dream layout quickly and easily. You can design the track layout, test different routing scenarios, make quick alterations or extend your track plan step by step. With only one mouse click you can evaluate the result in 3D optics. Conventional planning aids can never match WINTRACK drafting precision. CAD skills are not required.

Using WINTRACK, even catenary setting becomes a piece of cake. Complete Viessmann catenary items and those of other manufacturers are already memorized in the WINTRACK library. With only a few mouse clicks you install standard masts, spanbridges and much more. With the 14.0 3D version you can display, with little work, any track plan in 3D optics. This allows you to look at the layout from different angles. You can look at the layout shell construction or its substruction at any time. Moreover, you can create buildings and vehicles in 3D and transfer them to your layout plan. Become an architect, constructor or landscape designer. In addition to the more than 200 symbols such as stations, engine sheds, signal towers, coaling stages, water towers, different residential buildings, churches, castles, various types of lamps, trees and forests, you can design your own 3D models. It is also possible to design surface structures of your own. Even streets can get their individual 3D profile. For each scale there is a separate library. The elements of the Faller car system and PlayStreet are included in H0. For other gauges similar street elements are available.WINTRACK is user-friendly and very easy to use. It offers more design variations with retaining walls. It is also possible to simulate a journey on the train driver’s stand or by car through the planned layout. The calculation and the 1:1 printing of the vertical frame round off this software.

It comes with the following current track assortments.

  • Z: Märklin mini-club
  • N: Fleischmann piccolo, Kato, Unitrack, minitrix, Peco (Code 55,80), Roco, Arnold
  • TT: Tillig TT (Standard, Modell)
  • HOe/m: Bemo, Roco, Tillig
  • HOf: Grubenbahn / Feldbahn from Busch / Märklin (free update)
  • HO/OO: Fleischmann (Modell, Profi), Lima, Märklin (C, K, M), Peco (Code 75, 100), Piko (A-Gleis), Roco LINE with /without track bed and 2,5 mm track, Tillig Elite, Trix International, Lima
  • 1 & llm: Hübner, Märklin, LGB.

System requirements:

  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8.x/10
  • CD drive
  • Hard disk with 200 MB free memory
  • Main memory with at least 4 GB for 3D option (otherwise only 2 GB).

For customers who already have WINTRACK there is an economical update version (possible from 8.0 upwards).


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