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Right Lines 2021 - A Retrospective

Image of Stuart JordanSTUART JORDAN looks back at some of his favourite articles from this year.


We were discussing the articles for this issue and decided to put together a retrospective of the last year. As the editor, the choices were down to me - don't worry, I didn't choose too many of my own articles!

The year started strangely, although I don't want to dwell too much on 'the outside world'. Circumstances meant that the Gaugemaster workforce was split in two, working early and late shifts for the first few months to aid social distancing. The early issues of the year were dominated with articles listing new items, mostly irrelevant now as the items are out in the world! I'm going to list the articles in (more or less) chronological order rather than by subject.

Cab Forward

Okay, this was one of mine. I looked at the history of these quirky steam locomotives with the cab at the front. It was fascinating to explore how this concept was developed.

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CDU Declassified

Although it seems like a simple bit of kit to veteran modellers, we always like to cater for beginners here at Gaugemaster. That's what made Martin's article about the CDU so useful, as he 'declassified' the Capacitor Discharge Unit.

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British Doubledeckers

Me again... I was surprised to find out that double-deck coaches did actually run on the British rail network. I reviewed the history and presented it with the help of two Pathe News videos.

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Eridge Makeover

Back in July Terry visited his local station, Eridge in East Sussex, to find that it had been given a makeover. It is a fully working station on the Southern network, but it is also part of the Spa Valley preserved line.

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Up, Up, and Away!

Mark showed us how to build and customise this Hot Air Baloon kit from Faller. We all agree that it is an excellent addition to a scenic layout.

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Building Fordhampton Teignmouth Signal Box

Martin's two part article went through how to build this kit from the Gaugemaster Structures range. By including interior details, it adds an extra dimension to the detail on the layout.

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Modelling the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway

Narrow Gauge modelling is going through a bit of a renaissance at the moment, and Ian wrote an article about all the items available to model this line in Devon.

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The Metropolitan Railway

One of my personal favourite articles to write this year was my sprawling three part history of the Metropolitan Railway. The Met was the world's first underground railway, and from 1860 to 1933 extended out across London, transforming how people lived and worked by making commuting to the City centre from 'Metro-Land' possible.

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Forty Years of the TGV

September 2021 was a special railway anniversary - the fortieth anniversary of the TGV running in France. John gave us a detailed history of this high-speed train.

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Bluebell Railway 2021 Giants of Steam

Events are opening up again, and Craig was keen to get back out to the Bluebell Railway. The Giants of Steam event saw 'Clan Line' and 'Cheltenham' visiting this preserved line in Sussex.

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A Visit to Fordhampton

Back in September I visited the (fictional) town of Fordhampton, reporting back on the sights. You can, of course, recreate the town using our range of kits...

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Relight My Fire

Lastly, back in November Mark showed us how to build a bonfire to add to your layout, from various different products. This was a really effective build, that can add a lot of atmosphere to a layout.

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That's it for my look back at this year's articles. You can browse through the full range of nearly 600 articles since issue 1 back in 2014 - just Click Here.