Prodigy Advance2 Wireless Starter Package V2

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Gaugemaster DCC04
Scale: Multi Scale
GM Part Number: DCC04
Prodigy Advance2 Wireless Starter Package V2
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Best Mid-Range DCC System - Hornby Magazine October 2017

The Prodigy Wireless Starter Pack is in effect the DCC02 Prodigy Advance base unit utilizing the Wireless technology to allow greater freedom when controlling your layout.

The wireless dongle receiver included gives a range of around 100ft, and the Prodigy base unit can accomodate additional Wireless Walkarounds, and has controller ports for Wired Walkarounds.

DCC allows you to run many different locomotives and accessories at the same time from one controller. The Prodigy Wireless Walkaround supports 28 locomotive decoder functions, so is ideal for locomotives with sound and lights.

You can operate points (individually or route set) and signals from the Walkaround, and can use it to programme your decoders to replicate the running characteristics of your locomotives, or even introduce a speed clock that allows you to run a 24 hour timetable within one operating session.

The possibilities are almost endless with DCC and many locomotives are becoming available with factory-fitted decoders as standard.

Of course, you can also retro-fit your older locomotives with decoders if you wish.


DCC Track Voltage15v AC
Current Rating3.5A
Address Capability2 and 4 Digit
Speed Steps14 - 28 - 128
Accessory Functions1 - 255

Handset Measurements


Base Unit Measurements


Other Unit Measurements

Receiver Length180mm
Mains Cable Length1m
Flat Cable Length1m


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