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We´re excited to announce that we now have live railway cameras trained on the Southern Railway close to Gaugemaster HQ, thanks to our friends at Railcam. You can now watch a 24/7 live train feed thanks to our live railway webcams, so you won´t miss any activity, whatever the weather.

What Is Railcam?

Railcam is the UK´s leading provider of live railway cameras, providing both lineside and scenic webcams. Railcam has one of the largest UK railway communities, provided by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, and we´re excited to be part of the gang. Thanks to our new live railway cameras, you can see what´s going through Ford Station at any time of day or night.

Gaugemaster Ford Railcam

The Railcam live feed below shows the Southern Railway line approaching Ford station from the west. Predominantly, the line features Southern Railway Class 377s. However, as our live railway webcams are so close to the Arundel junction, we regularly see freight movements coming through from Network Rail, as well as the odd special run.

With the live train feed running 24 hours a day, you can keep checking back and keep an eye out for anything exciting happening along the line. Just off camera, down by the bottom right, is the Network Rail access point to this section of the line. This means that whenever there is work happening on the line, you´ll get to see the National Rail Plant Machinery accessing the section from here.

As much as we´d love to, we can´t sit here all day and night watching the Railcam feed, so if you spot something interesting coming through, then please feel free to send it in to us or share it on our Social media with the #trainsatgaugemaster hashtag. We´re looking forward to seeing what you capture on our railway webcams.


Railcam Live View

The below image shows a schematic diagram of the current operations of trains and locomotives in the area, as they approach the Railcam live feed close to Ford Station. This isn´t just handy for seeing when your train will arrive, but it also allows you to track the services passing the Railcam and where they´re heading to!

Recreate Our Live Train Feed In Model Form

Fancy recreating what you can see via our live railway cameras in model form? From scenery to recreate the trees in the surrounding landscape (we´re looking forward to seeing those change with the seasons) to signals, lengths of track, and locomotives, you´ll find everything you need at Gaugemaster. Shop our full collection of model railway supplies.