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Shop Team


Mark H.

Mark H. (Shop Manager)

Mark joined us in 2008 from a background in supermarket retailing and has helped us apply some of their better principles to how we run the warehouse. In May 2015 he moved to become the manager of our busy shop.


Ian G.

Ian G. (Shop)

Ian joined us full-time in our sales department in early-2018. He has been a familiar face in model shops around the country for many years, and now he adds his wealth of knowledge of the model railway world to Gaugemaster.


Ian L.

Ian L. (Shop)

Ian is our diecast man and could probably retire tomorrow should he decide to weigh in his collection of diecast vehicles at the local scrapyard. Ian is also very knowledgeable about plastic kits, military modelling, West Bromwich Albion as well as OO gauge model railways.


Tom C.

Tom C. (Shop)

Tom joined us in the summer of 2022. Tom has an interest in 10 ¼ inch steam railways and is a local volunteer at the South Downs Light Railway. Tom has in interest in photography and engineering and operates a OO scale model railway which has been on display in the shop in the past.


Jeff W.

Jeff W. (Shop)

Jeff has made a successful transition from regular customer to part-time shop staff. He brings a good knowledge of European models to the shop team, and when he's not here he can usually be found riding his motorbike over the South Downs.


Martin L.

Martin L. (Shop)

Martin is our friendliest member of shop staff and will happily chat about most things to customers while occasionally selling things now and again. He is an expert on narrow gauge and if you are lucky, may show you his photographs of various projects he has on his workbench.

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Events Team


Craig W.

Craig W. (Events)

Craig is the youngest member of the office team having moved up from the shop. Being an avid train enthusiast with an interest in both N Gauge and model engineering, he is a useful resource of railway related information.


Jack P.

Jack P. (Events)

Jack loves all things railway and even volunteers at a well known local preserved railway named after a blue flower. His love of blue (and white) also extends to Brighton & Hove Albion which Ian F considers an excellent choice.


Matt L.

Matt L. (Events)

Matt is Martin’s son and started off as a Saturday "boy" in the shop then progressing to Saturday "lad", then full time "man" and now working up in the office. Matt is very versatile and turns his hand to many tasks around the building with enthusiasm and skill.


Matt T.

Matt T. (Events)

Matt has been involved in the business ever since he was knee high to a Preiser figure, and aside from a year in Australia (he was found not guilty, eventually!), has gradually been building up experience in all aspects of the business, culminating in his appointment as a director at the end of 2014.  Matt looks forward to growing the business further over the coming years.


James H.

James H. (Events)

James started as weekend staff and is now one of our events staff. He has a passion for all model railways and his modelling skills have been used many times within Gaugemaster on projects. James also has a background in design which has been useful around the shop, and with his great knowledge of DCC systems and layout electrics James is the ideal person to ask if you are stuck with any problem of this nature!

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There is also an industrious team of some 20+ other individuals working behind the scenes in GAUGEMASTER's Trade Sales, Finance, Information Technology, Marketing, Warehousing, Despatch, plus Technical Service, Support, and Production.

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