HM7000 Club Adapter

Hornby R7404
Scale(s): 1:76 Scale, OO Scale
GM Part Number: R7404
Expected: 01/2024
HM7000 Club Adapter
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HM7000 Club Adapter


The HM7090: Club Adapter (R7404) is the perfect product to connect multiple HM7040: Legacy Dongles (R7326) to experience multi-user control using Hornby’s new HM | DCC control system. The ideal addition for a DCC Model Railway Club to allow multiple users to play and control all DCC locomotives on a given layout. Connect up to a max of 6 Legacy Dongles to your existing Elite (R8214) or Select (R8213) controller with the max of 5 Club Adapters. Each HM | DCC user will then be able to connect to a Legacy Dongle each with their compatible Apple or Android phone/tablet, and gain control to all DCC-Fitted/HM7000-Fitted* locomotives connected to the master Elite or Select Controller. *Please ensure that all locomotives on the given layout are DCC-Fitted, or HM7000-Fitted and set to DCC Mode (CV12 = 0), and please ensure that DCC locomotives are correctly addressed on each user’s phone or tablet to ensure all users can control all locomotives on the layout. Please note: An existing Hornby Elite or Select controller is required for use of the Club Adapter. A total of 6 Legacy Dongles can be fitted into the back of a master Elite or Select controller. For example, ‘1 master Elite controller’ + ‘6 Legacy Dongles’ + ‘5 Club Adapters’ is a possible combination – This will give control to a max of 7 users: 1 user on the master Elite controller and 6 users with their own phone or tablet connected to a Legacy Dongle each.


  • 1 x Hornby HM7000 Club Adapter

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