JR Suha 43 Coach Brown

Kato 1-506
Scale(s): 1:87 Scale, HO Scale
GM Part Number: K1-506
JR Suha 43 Coach Brown
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1-506 (HO) suha 43 tea The Suha 43 series is a representative train of the JNR, which has been mass-produced over 1000 cars, and we could see its activity in various parts of the country, from express trains to ordinary trains. In addition to the general Suha 43 series brown and blue, you can enjoy the variations of the car organization, including the newly renovated Suha 43, Suhaf 42 and Oha 47. Main features ? Beautifully reproduce the standard paint color of the JNR old general form passenger car that has become a nostalgic coloring now ? Brown reproduces the original press door. ? The blue refurbished shape adopts the updated H-rubbered metal door shape, and the bathroom windows appear in late-year specifications that have been changed to white windows with crosspieces. In addition, Shaff 42 · OHA 47 reproduces a silver aluminum sash window ? OHA 47 reproduces a trolley bearing specification realistically. ? Realize the roof as a separate part by converting the ventilator into another part ? Improve the details of the dolly by placing the brake shoes in the back, etc. ? Can be changed to the open window (replace with the open window glass part of the accessory) ? Slowly The car (Shufu 42) is equipped with a lighted taillight (with a light off switch) as standard. ? Single item ? Accessories: Lettering sheet, telescopic drawbar, ventilator, handrail, Optional option ? Room light set for HO gauge Part number: 7-501 ? White interior light set for HO gauge Part number: 7-502 ? HO vehicle case (for 3-car) Part number: 3-301

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