Morris Minor The Lothian and Peebles Constabulary

Corgi VA05809
Scale(s): 1:43 Scale, O Scale
GM Part Number: CIVA05809
Morris Minor The Lothian and Peebles Constabulary
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Extensive government research into policing procedures led to 'Unit Beat Policing' (UBP) being rolled out across the UK during the late 1960s. Conceptually this was a big change as police officers, who had previously walked a 'beat' over a given time period, now drove between different areas walking for a while before driving to the next. This led to the introduction of the 'Panda Car', so named because it featured white panels on a blue car. These were usually small, economical cars such as the Minor. The example modelled was one of The Lothians and Peebles Constabulary's (L&PC) initial batch of twenty UBP cars, all Minors, supplied by Hall Brothers of Musselburgh.

Prototype Specifications

Engine1098cc 4IL OHV
Power48bhp / 5100rpm
Torque60lb.ft / 2500rpm
Maximum speed74mph
0-60 mph24.8secs


Item NumberVA05809
Colour/LiveryThe Lothian and Peebles Constabulary
Limited EditionYes
Limited Edition Size1,000
Age Suitability14+



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