Kato Announce Paddington Bear Class 800 and Other New Versions

Kato Announce Paddington Bear Class 800 and Other New Versions

Kato have officially announced that they will be producing a brand-new class 800 featuring the Paddington Bear GWR Livery.

A Brand New Livery for The Class 800.

A number of the GWR Class 800s have been named since they entered service, all named after famous people who have strong connections to the places the company serves. The first named was unit 800004 on 30th June 2016 and was named after Isambard Kingdom Brunel and Sir Daniel Gooch. The second, 800003, was named after Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Victoria, and this was followed by 800010 which was named after Paddington Bear and his creator Michael Bond.

The first two namings may be a bit more obvious than the third as they are either British Monarchs or people instrumental in the early years of the GWR. The names applied to 800010 were different, as they were the first in the class to feature a fictional character; Paddington bear. Not only that, but this unit also features iconography of the little marmalade sandwich connoisseur taken from the 'A Bear Called Paddington' book and poses inspired by his later film appearances.

For those not familiar with Paddington's tale, he made his first appearance in print in October 1958, when the Brown family found him alone at Paddington Station. Because no one could pronounce his real name (he came from 'darkest-Peru) the Browns named him Paddington. This is very reminiscent of the true story as Michael saw a single, lonely bear in a shop in Paddington Station, purchased it, and became inspired. Thus the story of Paddington was born, and will always be synonymous with not only Marmalade Sandwiches but Paddington Station and the GWR too. It was only right to name 800010, which runs out of Paddington station, after these iconic names from literature and film, and the train was unveiled in a naming ceremony by Michael's daughter Karen Jankel on 10th January 2018, coinciding with the 60th anniversary of the release of the first Paddington Book.

Kato Recreate This Iconic Livery

Kato are pleased to say that this livery will soon be coming to N Scale with the announcement of a new Class 800 model. This officially licenced model will feature all the same quality and running characteristics of the previous releases but will also be adorned with the iconography and images of this new livery too. Just like the previous models, this version will be manufactured to British N Scale 1:148 and will feature:

  • Beautifully recreated "Paddington Bear" illustrations along all relevant passenger doors.
  • The "Paddington Bear" and "Michael Bond" names on both sides of the front cars.
  • Illuminated head and tail lights lit with white LEDs. When the headlights are turned on, the top, bottom, and beacon lights are illuminated.
  • A Selection of Kato Unitrack for display or adding to existing layouts.
  • The front is equipped with a coupling mechanism, making it possible to recreate the 5 + 5 10-car consist of the prototype using other Kato Class 800 Units
  • Supplied in Kato's 'bookcase' style packaging featuring a unique Paddington design.

This new Class 800 is available to preorder now through the link below.

Preorder Here

What about DCC Modellers?

Previously, additional DCC Decoders were required to bring the Class 800 to a digitally controlled layout, but not any more. Alongside the big announcement of this new livery, it has also been confirmed that this version and the previous LNER livery will be released DCC Fitted, and even more excitingly DCC Sound Fitted too. This will mean that, for the first time, you will be able to see and hear this locomotive whipping around your layouts and through your landscapes.

Preorder Here

Getting Started with Gaugemaster

We have been working behind the scenes with Kato, not only on the announcement above but with another pairing for the Gaugemaster Collection. Like the previous releases, we are excited to announce that we will be producing a full Premium Starter Package featuring the Paddington Bear Class 800. This set also includes an oval of Kato track and an analogue controller. Just like any starter set, this set can also be extended by using the Kato Unitrack Variation Packs to form set layout designs or by using individual sections of Kato Unitrack to create your own miniature wonderland.

Preorder Here

If GWR Class 800's haven't caught your eye, you can also get started with an LNER version too. This Starter Set features the same track as above, but includes the LNER version of the Class 800 instead, and is in stock now.

Order Here

Starting out with an analogue layout is the easiest way to get into Railway modelling, you set up everything included in the box, and away you go. If you want to make the switch to DCC down the line, you will need a DCC Controller and of course, a DCC decoder set. We have you covered here too, and we have a Decoder Pack on hand to get you going.

Order Here

Create It The Way You Want with Full Customisation

Also currently available are the Analogue LNER Class 800's and a full selection of spares and replacement parts. Whatever the reason for conversion or replacement of parts, this range has you covered, and the are all available to order through the links below.

K800-4683G(S) Class 800 Head and Tail Lighting Unit
K800-74501-1A(S) Class 800 GWR 811 021 Body Shell
K800-74501-1C(S) Class 800 GWR 811 021 Underfloor & Light Unit w/Lenses
K800-745011C3(S) Class 800 Coupler Set 2pc
K800-74501-1D(S) Class 800 Bogie 2pc
K800-74501-3A(S) Class 800 LNER 811 209 Body Shell
K800-74501-3C(S) Class 800 LNER 811 209 Underfloor & Light Unit w/Lenses
K800-74501F(S) Class 800 Pantograph 2pc
K800-74502-1A(S) Class 800 GWR 812 021 Body Shell
K800-74502-1B(S) Class 800 GWR Power Unit & Interior Light Lenses
K800-74502-1D1(S) Class 800 Power Bogie
K800-74503-1A(S) Class 800 GWR 813 021 Body Shell
K800-74503-1C(S) Class 800 GWR 813 021 Underfloor & Interior Light Lenses
K800-74503-3A(S) Class 800 LNER 813 209 Body Shell
K800-74503-3C(S) Class 800 LNER 813 209 Underfloor & Interior Light Lens
K800-74504-1A(S) Class 800 GWR 814 021 Body Shell
K800-74504-1C(S) Class 800 GWR 814 021 Underfloor & Interior Light Lenses
K800-74504-3A(S) Class 800 LNER 814 209 Body Shell
K800-74504-3C(S) Class 800 LNER 814 209 Underfloor & Interior Light Lens
K800-74505-1A(S) Class 800 GWR 815 021 Body Shell
K800-74505-1C(S) Class 800 GWR 815 021 Underfloor & Light Unit w/Lenses
K800-74505-3A(S) Class 800 LNER 815 209 Body Shell
K800-74505-3C(S) Class 800 LNER 815 209 Underfloor & Light Unit w/Lenses
K800-74506-3A(S) Class 800 LNER 812 209 Body Shell
K800-74506-3B(S) Class 800 LNER Power Unit & Interior Light Lenses
K800-Z01-0716(S) Class 800 Coupler Springs 20pc
K800-Z04-0169(S) Class 800 GWR Front Cover
K800-Z04-0196(S) Class 800 Skirt 10pc
K800-Z04-0220(S) Class 800 L31 Middle Joiner 4pc
K800-Z04-5547(S) Class 800 Switch Plate 4pc
K800-Z04H0169(S) Class 800 LNER Front Cover
K800-Z04L8080(S) Class 800 Front Drawbar 4pc
K800-Z06-1120(S) Class 800 Light Unit Plate Coil 4pc
K800-Z74-0192(S) Class 800 Diaphragm 10pc

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Date posted: 18/10/2023 @ 14:57