NEW Gaugemaster TT Scale Range

NEW Gaugemaster TT Scale Range

We are excited to announce that we will be introducing a whole new range of products for the TT Scale modeller later this year. This scale has been a bit overlooked in recent years, but not now! This range of scenics, catenary, vehicles, figures, and accessories give you the opportunity to bring life to your TT Scale model railway.

It is also our intention to release a Class 66 in this scale, subject to demand. What liveries would you want to see? What else would you like to furnish your layout with?

GM3610701*Single Track Profi Hard Foam Tunnel Portal
GM3610702*Double Track Profi Hard Foam Tunnel Portal
GM3620501*Catenary Starter Set
GM3620506*Catenary Standard Mast with Beam 71.5mm
GM3620511*Catenary Universal Wire 196-218mm (5)
GM3620512*Catenary Universal Wire 218-239mm (5)
GM3620513*Catenary Universal Wire 261-290mm (5)
GM3620514*Catenary Height Marker
GM3620521*Catenary Mast Positioner
GM3620522*Catenary Eyehook Bending Pliers
GM3710201*Apple Profi Tree 7.5cm
GM3710202*Birch Profi Tree 11.5cm
GM3710203*Beech Profi Tree 13cm
GM3710204*Oak Profi Tree 16cm
GM3710205*Weeping Willow Profi Tree 11cm
GM3710206*Chestnut Profi Tree 19.5cm
GM3710601*Black Tar Road 100x4.8cm
GM3710602*Grey Highway 100x4.8cm
GM3710701*Wall Profi Hard Foam 25.9x9.7cm
GM3710702*Extra Long Wall Profi Hard Foam 51.8x9.7cm
GM3810601*Rural Fences 220cm
GM3810602*Garden Fences 200cm
GM3820501*Industrial Light LED White
GM3820502*Platform Lamp 51mm LED White
GM3820503*Park Lamp Black 46mm LED Warm White
GM3820504*Modern Street Light 45mm
GM3820505*Whip Street Light 71mm LED White
GM3820511*eMotion Platform Clock 41mm LED White
GM3910101*Pedestrians (6) Hobby Figure Set
GM3910102*Pedestrians with Luggage (6) Hobby Figure Set
GM3910103*Sitting People (6) Hobby Figure Set
GM3910104*Sitting People (6) Hobby Figure Set
GM3910105*Brown Cows (7) Hobby Figure Set
GM3910106*Sunbathers (6) Hobby Figure Set
GM3910121*People (60) Mega Economy Hobby Figure Set
GM3910122*Sitting People (60) Mega Economy Figure Set
GM3910151*City Cleaners (6) Figure Set
GM3910152*Warehousemen (5) and Accessories Figure Set
GM3910153*Shunters (6) Figure Set
GM3910154*Railway Track Workers (6) Figure Set
GM3910155*Farm Animals (10) Figure Set
GM3910156*Cats and Dogs (10) Figure Set
GM3910157*Black and White Cows (7) Figure Set
GM3910158*Shepherd & Sheep Figure Set
GM3910159*Horses (9) Figure Set
GM3910160*Cyclists (3) and Accessories Figure Set
GM3910161*Motorcyclists (2) Figure Set
GM3910191*Unpainted Figure (72) Starter Set
GM3910606*Benches (6) and Litter Bins (3) Accessory Set
GM3910901*Track Cleaning Pads (5)
GM3930201*DAF XF 105 SSC Tractor Unit White (2)
GM3930202*Minikit Refrigerated Box Semitrailer White
GM3930203*Minikit Box Trailer White

More details will be announced soon, so keep an eye out for further information.

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Date posted: 06/06/2022 @ 12:12