Milestones (20) Laser Cut Minis Kit

Noch 14300
Scale(s): 1:87 Scale, HO Scale
GM Part Number: N14300
Milestones (20) Laser Cut Minis Kit
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The NOCH "kilometer stones" are ideal for designing every train route in a model railway landscape with even more realistic details. The milestones are mainly along non-electrified branch lines. The top number shows the distance in kilometers, the bottom the 100 meter mark. For example, 66 /1 stands for kilometer 66.1.

As on a real railway line, you can now graphically display the route kilometers on your model layout and get even more realistic results with small details. The train takes passers-by to their destination. Whether on a business trip, visiting loved ones or to make a nice trip - the train is a very popular commercial vehicle. Each model landscape has an even more realistic appearance thanks to individually designed train routes. Small details such as the "milestones" realize the lifelike sight even more. Design your model landscape with even more details and stage it skilfully.


  • 20 x Kilometer Stones

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