Diode Modules for DCC ABC Fitted Trains (2)

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Diode Modules for DCC ABC Fitted Trains (2)
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Diode Modules for DCC ABC Fitted Trains.

When used in conjunction with the new relay controller (RL1) and trains fitted with ABC compatible chips these modules enable the train to slow down and speed up gradually under automatic train control.

The system will work with standard DC or DCC layouts, but you will need to make an isolated braking section so that the train can be controlled before the signal, with each side of the rail break connected to the Relay Controller with two wires.

About ABC Braking

DC trains and some DCC trains will just stop in the isolated section, but if you are DCC and your locos are ‘chipped’ with decoders which incorporates ABC or Assymetrical Braking Control (eg ESU, Zimo etc) you can fit an ABC diode module in the rail break, then these will slowly come to a halt and gradually speed up again once signal clears, complete with slow down brakes and speed up sounds if it is a sound fitted ABC loco. Please note that if the ABC Diode module is fitted, non-ABC fitted locos will not stop automatically in the isolated sections, just controlled from the DCC controller.

ABC - What you Need

Each Relay Controller has two relays, so can link to two Sensor Signals and control two isolated braking sections of track. You can also fit an ABC Diode module to each isolated braking section if running DCC trains which are fitted with ABC modules, see ABC braking section above. You will need to cut the rails to make isolated sections and may find insulated fishplates useful to keep the rails aligned. eg. Peco PESL-11


  • 2 x Diode Modules


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