Ground Position Signal Kit Original Red

Train Tech GK2
Scale(s): 1:76 Scale, OO Scale
GM Part Number: TTGK2
Ground Position Signal Kit Original Red
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True 1:76 scale ground signals which are easy to place on the railway are illuminate within minutes. Although these versions are described as kits, only the plastic head front and back cover has to be glued onto the light unit - which is already prewired to large terminals under the baseboard.

Unlike some ground signals on the market, these are true 1:76 OO scale which have been scaled, designed and tooled in the UK along with a special mounting cap which makes it quick and easy to mount the signal on almost any baseboard through just a 10mm round hole.

These signals can be controlled by conventional switches, decoders or a connection to a TTST10 Plug-in Track Sensor, which allows automatic operation.

Other designs are available in both DC and DCC and are available in White and Red or White and Yellow colours, and all types can be configured in the traditional modern double white or double red/yellow style, or original single white + single white/yellow style. Click Here to view the full range of Train Tech Ground Signals.




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