Lighting Effect Welding

Train Tech LFX5
Scale: Multi Scale
GM Part Number: TTLFX5
Lighting Effect Welding
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This set simulates a welder hard at work repairing cars, wagons or industrial items such as sheet metal and steel. The LFX board controls the LEDs and starts the sequence by making the white LED flicker to show the welding. The red LED then starts to get brighter to simulate the heating up of the welding equipment, after a short period of time both lights fade out and the sequence starts again. A great item for any industrial scene or country garage.

This unit can be powered by a 9 - 16v supply or by attaching it to your DCC Bus.


  • 1 x LFX Control Board
  • 1 x Red LED
  • 1 x White LED

Extra LEDs are available for this kit.


Item NumberLFX5
Input9 - 16v


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