Mimic Light with Plug in LEDs

Train Tech ML1
Scale: Multi Scale
GM Part Number: TTML1
Mimic Light with Plug in LEDs
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Mimic Lights are very similar to Mimic Switches except they have no switch and only show the status or position of Layout Link accessories. Mimic Lights also have DCC decoders built in and can be set to display the status of any type of DCC accessory.

You can use a Mimic Light to:

  • Mimic the point positions of a PC200 or any other make of DCC point decoder
  • Mimic Signal colours and Train locations when connected to Sensor Signals
  • Show the position and movement of a Train over a Track Sensor
  • Show Colour light or Semaphore status of DCC signals
  • Mimic the colours of the barrier lights


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