Win-Digipet 2015 Small Edition

Viessmann 10112
GM Part Number: VN10112
Win-Digipet 2015 Small Edition
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WIN-DIGIPET Small Edition is an economic version to join the digital world to control your layout. Software supports up to 2 digital systems at the same time which each are connected to an own interface / central station. The track diagram shows up to 75 x 50 track symbol fields which provides maximum possible total dimensions of 3.750 track symbol fields. WIN-DIGIPET Small Edition provides various single symbols for track pictures which are shown in 2 zoom steps (16/20 pixels). It provides 2 different symbol schedules for an individual layout of the track plan. Furthermore, a comfortable joystick control of locomotives is integrated so all freaks are havin fun with it. Up to 20 locomotives can be controlled. Switching up to 50 digital items and unlimited virtual digital items by mouse click or by 40.000 possible track routes.


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