CarMotion Infrared Stopping Module

Viessmann 8403
Scale(s): 1:87 Scale, HO Scale
GM Part Number: VN8403
CarMotion Infrared Stopping Module
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CarMotion Infrared Stopping Module


The module allows the deceleration or the stopping of CarMotion vehicles by infrared signal, e. g. in front of traffic lights. The infrared transmitting diodes can be set up inconspicuously next to the road, but also horizontally in a small cut-out in the road or side strip. The module can slow down the CarMotion vehicles so that they stop gently and precisely on a stop magnet. The vehicles can also be stopped by the module without an additional stop magnet in front of a traffic light (configurable). A switching input allows the module to be controlled either by switch, relay contact or conveniently in combination with the Viessmann traffic lights control, items 5094 or 5095.

This model forms part of the Viessmann CarMotion Range.


  • 1 x Viessmann Car Motion Module



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