KATO Soundbox

Kato 22-102
Scale(s): HO Scale, N Scale, OO Scale
GM Part Number: K22-102
KATO Soundbox
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The Kato Soundbox has been developed by engineers at Kato to craft a simple, versatile, and powerful sound system for use on non-DCC layouts. Completely self-contained, the Soundbox has a built in speaker and will allow modellers to enjoy an “In-Cab” experience while operating their favourite trains!

Using separate plug-in sound cards, cartridges each with their own individual sound and programming sets (even including things like momentum!), the Soundbox is a “smart” device, not just making sounds but reacting appropriately to the actions of your locomotives by reading back-EMF from the motors. Steam locomotive chuffs will speed up and slow down according to the speed of the locomotive itself; not just the position of the throttle, making the sound a properly interactive experience! The Kato Soundbox fits onto the accessory terminals of the Kato controller.

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  • Simple Plug in Connections
  • Easy Sound Control Synchronization
  • Easy Change Sound Cards
  • 6 Different Sound Buttons
  • Aux In and Out Sockets
  • In-built Bass Speaker

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