130' Motorised Turntable

Walthers Cornerstone 933-2859
Scale(s): 1:87 Scale, HO Scale
GM Part Number: WH933-2859
130' Motorised Turntable
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Sure to be the focal point of any HO Scale engine terminal, this Walthers Cornerstone 130' Motorized Turntable is where steam locomotives, and later diesels, were turned around at the end of their runs. Normally serving a roundhouse, most were also placed for access to backshop facilities and servicing tracks.

This 130' turntable was about as big as they come - large enough to turn a 4-8-8-4 Big Boy and other large, modern engines. On your layout use the 130' Motorized Turntable as the heart of your servicing facility alongside other Cornerstone railroad maintenance structures.


  • Typical of tables built from 1900s on - some still in service today
  • 130' 39.6m (Scale) length holds locos up to 18-7/8" 461mm long - big enough for a 4-8-8-4!
  • Fits most engine terminals
  • User-friendly, illustrated instructions simplify operation and programming
  • Layout mounting templates for pit and Cornerstone Turntable Control Box
  • Control Box included for use on layouts with DC or DCC train control

Turntable Control Box Features:

  • Programmable indexing for up to 99 different tracks
  • One-touch 180-degree bridge rotation in either direction
  • Simplified LED display with adjustable brightness
  • Operable from up to four remote locations with additional Control Boxes (933-2320 each sold separately)
  • Comes complete with motor and Control Box, operates on 12-18v AC, 16-24v DC power supply (power supply not included)
  • Comes with Code 83 rail installed on bridge


Bridge Length461mm
Mounting Hole456mm

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