Infinity SOVEREIGN Digital Model Railway Control Package

Gaugemaster GMI-D01
Scale: Multi Scale
GM Part Number: GMI-D01
Infinity SOVEREIGN Digital Model Railway Control Package
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With Infinity Digital we have ripped up the rule book on what design engineers think a digital system does and built one that does everything modellers think it should do. No more do you need to deliberate between wired and wireless handsets as this digital system comes with a wireless remote out of the box, and that’s just one of its many features.

As standard this system comes with a host of customizable features to run your layout how you want. This controller is designed by modellers for modellers, with operation in mind as well as being elegant to look at. Full control of your digital locomotives and accessories can be achieved with this system which has been built with usability in mind.

The Sovereign base unit can control two handsets connected to it at any one time, but if more operators are needed then you can expand the system by adding a Consort unit. Each Consort allows an additional two handsets to be connected to the system, and you can connect multiple consorts together, how’s that for easy expansion?

One feature we are very proud of is our Multiple Working feature. We will expand on how this works very soon, but it eliminates all the need for complexity when all you want to do is double head your trains. And yes, this has been designed and made here in the UK, so it is absolutely Multiple Working/Double Heading and NOT “Consisting” (!) Not only have we looked at how this is set up, but this unique operation also allows full activation of sound functions for individual locomotives within the multiple working, something not previously seen on the market. This is just one of many new features that Infinity offers you.

Of course, this unit is fully NMRA compatible and will run all aspects of your locomotives including 28 light and sound functions (if they are present) as well as operate all your digital accessories with ease. The unit is supplied with a base station and wireless remote as well as a smooth regulated power supply to make getting started a breeze.

It’s Model Railway Control [and beyond]


  • Wireless Analogue Operation
  • Bluetooth connectivity up to 50m
  • Battery Powered Remote
  • Expandable with Multiple Remotes
  • Backlit Display
  • Trademark Gaugemaster Slow Speed Control
  • NMRA Compatible
  • 360 degree speed dial rotation with visual indicators
  • Customisable ‘Play’ mode with fuel consumption feature
  • Unique “Multiple Working” feature
  • Easy and Unique Accessory Control System on board
  • Designed and Manufactured in the UK

Optional Extras

  • GMI-D01 - Infinity SOVEREIGN Digital Model Railway Control Package
  • GMI-D11 - Infinity CONSORT Digital Expansion Unit
  • GMI-D21 - Infinity REMOTE Digital Model Railway Controller
  • GMI-D31 - Infinity SWITCH Digital Accessory Decoder
  • GMI-D41 - Infinity POWER Digital Power Supply
  • GMI-U01 - Infinity CONNECT Lanyard Set
  • GMI-U02 - Infinity CONNECT Lead Set
  • GMI-U03 - Infinity CONNECT Plug Set

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