Infinity ACOLYTE Expansion Unit

Gaugemaster GMI-A11
Scale: Multi Scale
GM Part Number: GMI-A11
Infinity ACOLYTE Expansion Unit
New item not yet released



INFINITY Acolyte is the perfect extension to the INFINITY Solo and Duo units. With each Acolyte unit added, another track output becomes available to you. This unit allows you to expand your Solo or Duo units allowing you up to 10 tracks controlled from a single handset.

It’s Model Railway Control [and beyond]

Optional Extras

  • GMI-A01 - Infinity SOLO Model Railway Control Package
  • GMI-A02 - Infinity DUO Model Railway Control Package
  • GMI-A11 - Infinity ACOLYTE Expansion Unit
  • GMI-A21 - Infinity REMOTE Model Railway Controller
  • GMI-A31 - Infinity LIGHTS Accessory Interface
  • GMI-A32 - Infinity POINTS Accessory Interface
  • GMI-A33 - Infinity SIGNALS Accessory Interface
  • GMI-A41 - Infinity POWER Supply
  • GMI-U01 - Infinity CONNECT Lanyard Set
  • GMI-U02 - Infinity CONNECT Lead Set
  • GMI-U03 - Infinity CONNECT Plug Set

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